Welcome to the Tap of the Week!

What is the "Tap of the Week," you ask?

Well, each week I will talk about a new artist that I've come across that many of you might not know about... Or, in other words, untapped talent that I tapped into.

There will be links to the artists or bands home page, facebook page, youtube page and whatever other pages they may have and also where you can purchase their music. Everyone featured in this blog will typically be indie/unsigned artists. They will also vary in genres. I have an eclectic taste and will talk about music from folk, pop, rock, punk, indie, hip hop, elctro to whatever else you can think of. 

If you are an artist or know an artist that falls within this criteria, please tweet me a link at @xitmuse. I'm happy to share great music to the rest of the world.

Look forward to this every tuesdays!