My name is Mateo


I am a writer, recording/mixing engineer, producer, composer and music production educator, with over a decade of professional experience. I have worked with countless artists, alongside several producers in dozens of studios around North America. I've been fortunate enough to learn from various Producers over the years such as Joe Warlick (Mixer/Engineer for artists like Nate Dogg, The Game, T.I., etc.) and Peter Prilesnik (Engineer/Producer for artists like Big Sugar, Sarah Harmer, etc.).

I currently do the majority of projects out of Kuhl Muzik   where a group of eclectic individuals, including myself, come to blend all our styles together to create quality music. These styles range from hip hop, dance, electronica, pop, rock, metal and even folk... (the last one is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine)... My work knows no boundariesas I work between Toronto, New York and California. I also do a majority of my mixing work online with artists from the US, Canada, UK, and Central America.