Cayucas - Tap of the Week!


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Another Tuesday, another band, right?... CORRECT!... So, I came across an amazing 5 piece band from Santa Monica, California... Which happens to be one of my favourite places in Cali to stay :) 

If I had to sum these guys up in one word... it would be... (Mateo looks in the dictionary for a fancy word in order to create the illusion of actually being intelligent)... hmmm.... I can't seem to find a word that encompasses summer, parties, beaches and camping... So, forget that :P 

Ok, so the first song I listened to from these guys, I wasn't sold on them... To be honest, they grew on me... But it didn't take long at all for that to happen. I put their latest album 'Bigfoot' on and listened to it from start to finish. By the 5th track, I was already waxing my surfboard and planning a road trip to Cali with some friends in an old school van with our surfboards riding the roof... It was seriously about to happen.

There's something very endearing about their sound. I don't know if it's the lo-fi California surf sounds they've got or their somewhat campy guitar riffs and melodies or the fact that it took me back to the 60's, when I used to drive to the beach in California with my friends and go surfing... Obviously that never happened, cause I'm only 27 and it's 2013... but I feel like it happened... Maybe it was my previous life.

Bottom line, listen to these guys. They'll make you feel good regardless of what you're doing. 

Well, that's all folks! Tune in next week for another new artist!... I'll now leave you with Cayucas' latest music video! "East Coast Girl" ... And yes, they are twins.

Note: Apparently YouTube videos that are Featured on VEVO will not allow you to embed their videos on other sites... Sorry for the Inconvenience, just click the link in the video and it'll take you to their VEVO page.

As an additional side note, I will not be using artists that have videos featured on VEVO, cause that's a stupid restriction. 

The Peach Kings - Tap of the Week

The Peach Kings

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What can I say about these guys... Well, obviously I love them. They are quite awesome... Otherwise, why would I write about the.

The Peach Kings are a duo from Los Angeles that originally formed in San Francisco. The band consists of the Beautiful Paige McClain Wood, who's voice is both haunting and sexy and seduces you. Then you've got Steven Trezevant Dies, who's bluesy guitar riffs make you move appropriately inappropriate... It's a thing... I did it on the subway. People stared. I don't regret it.

When these two come together, they bring a sort of sensual magic. Their music is full of passion, and hits you like waves that strum your heart chords and make your legs jive to the sounds. I don't use jive lightly either. I'd recommend you refraining from listening to this in public if you embarrass easily, cause I assure you, you will jive.

Here's the first song I came across from them. I hope you fall in love with them instantly like I did. 


Young Fathers - Tap of the Week!

Young Fathers

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What can I say about these guys... Well, They're awesome. Straight up. I'm huge fan of great hiphop that isn't afraid to experiment with sound and blending of genres.

The Scotland trio right out of Edinburgh has been making music for quite a few years now and is recently experiencing some well deserved attention. These guys have a unique blend of music on their album titled "Tape One," which I can listen to from start to finish. Whether you're listening to the record at home on some headphones or you're out on a friday night doing some house party hopping, the album will take you through a wave of various emotions.

The music is full of eclectic samples, tribal type drums and layers of vocals on top of more vocals. The music production on the album is kind of lo-fi but with some great hard hitting emotions that put you in a trance. 

The first song that got me into this great trio was "Sister" which reminded me very much of TV on the Radio... That is a bold statement on my part as I love TV on the Radio. I will attach the music video for "Sister" below so all of you can enjoy the same music that brought me to really love these guys. 

Look forward to their upcoming album "Tape Two."

Adna - Tap of the Week!


Photo compliments of Adna's FaceBook page.

This Swedish born female singer-songwriter is one of my favourites right now and has been for about a year since I came across her.

Her music is haunting yet beautiful. It has an air of elegance yet slightly tortured. It is definitely an emotional record and you can hear it in bother her voice and music. The music is quite raw, no fancy production, just emotion... I love it. 

The instrumentation on this record consists mainly of acoustic guitar, bass, drums, piano and vocals... Also some string arrangements. This is my jam. seriously. Simple music with lots of room for the various instruments and vocals to breath within each track.

Her 5 song EP is available for purchase now. I'll provide the link below along with all her social outlets. If you're in the mood for great contemplative type of music that is movie-esk, you'll love this. I can't say enough nice things about this record.  

Comment and let me know what you all think! Also, don't forget to follow me on twitter if you want to hear about other new artists each week!

Welcome to the Tap of the Week!

What is the "Tap of the Week," you ask?

Well, each week I will talk about a new artist that I've come across that many of you might not know about... Or, in other words, untapped talent that I tapped into.

There will be links to the artists or bands home page, facebook page, youtube page and whatever other pages they may have and also where you can purchase their music. Everyone featured in this blog will typically be indie/unsigned artists. They will also vary in genres. I have an eclectic taste and will talk about music from folk, pop, rock, punk, indie, hip hop, elctro to whatever else you can think of. 

If you are an artist or know an artist that falls within this criteria, please tweet me a link at @xitmuse. I'm happy to share great music to the rest of the world.

Look forward to this every tuesdays!