Adna - Tap of the Week!


Photo compliments of Adna's FaceBook page.

This Swedish born female singer-songwriter is one of my favourites right now and has been for about a year since I came across her.

Her music is haunting yet beautiful. It has an air of elegance yet slightly tortured. It is definitely an emotional record and you can hear it in bother her voice and music. The music is quite raw, no fancy production, just emotion... I love it. 

The instrumentation on this record consists mainly of acoustic guitar, bass, drums, piano and vocals... Also some string arrangements. This is my jam. seriously. Simple music with lots of room for the various instruments and vocals to breath within each track.

Her 5 song EP is available for purchase now. I'll provide the link below along with all her social outlets. If you're in the mood for great contemplative type of music that is movie-esk, you'll love this. I can't say enough nice things about this record.  

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