Cayucas - Tap of the Week!


Photo used from FaceBook profile

Another Tuesday, another band, right?... CORRECT!... So, I came across an amazing 5 piece band from Santa Monica, California... Which happens to be one of my favourite places in Cali to stay :) 

If I had to sum these guys up in one word... it would be... (Mateo looks in the dictionary for a fancy word in order to create the illusion of actually being intelligent)... hmmm.... I can't seem to find a word that encompasses summer, parties, beaches and camping... So, forget that :P 

Ok, so the first song I listened to from these guys, I wasn't sold on them... To be honest, they grew on me... But it didn't take long at all for that to happen. I put their latest album 'Bigfoot' on and listened to it from start to finish. By the 5th track, I was already waxing my surfboard and planning a road trip to Cali with some friends in an old school van with our surfboards riding the roof... It was seriously about to happen.

There's something very endearing about their sound. I don't know if it's the lo-fi California surf sounds they've got or their somewhat campy guitar riffs and melodies or the fact that it took me back to the 60's, when I used to drive to the beach in California with my friends and go surfing... Obviously that never happened, cause I'm only 27 and it's 2013... but I feel like it happened... Maybe it was my previous life.

Bottom line, listen to these guys. They'll make you feel good regardless of what you're doing. 

Well, that's all folks! Tune in next week for another new artist!... I'll now leave you with Cayucas' latest music video! "East Coast Girl" ... And yes, they are twins.

Note: Apparently YouTube videos that are Featured on VEVO will not allow you to embed their videos on other sites... Sorry for the Inconvenience, just click the link in the video and it'll take you to their VEVO page.

As an additional side note, I will not be using artists that have videos featured on VEVO, cause that's a stupid restriction.