The Peach Kings - Tap of the Week

The Peach Kings

Photo used from FaceBook profile.

What can I say about these guys... Well, obviously I love them. They are quite awesome... Otherwise, why would I write about the.

The Peach Kings are a duo from Los Angeles that originally formed in San Francisco. The band consists of the Beautiful Paige McClain Wood, who's voice is both haunting and sexy and seduces you. Then you've got Steven Trezevant Dies, who's bluesy guitar riffs make you move appropriately inappropriate... It's a thing... I did it on the subway. People stared. I don't regret it.

When these two come together, they bring a sort of sensual magic. Their music is full of passion, and hits you like waves that strum your heart chords and make your legs jive to the sounds. I don't use jive lightly either. I'd recommend you refraining from listening to this in public if you embarrass easily, cause I assure you, you will jive.

Here's the first song I came across from them. I hope you fall in love with them instantly like I did.