Young Fathers - Tap of the Week!

Young Fathers

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What can I say about these guys... Well, They're awesome. Straight up. I'm huge fan of great hiphop that isn't afraid to experiment with sound and blending of genres.

The Scotland trio right out of Edinburgh has been making music for quite a few years now and is recently experiencing some well deserved attention. These guys have a unique blend of music on their album titled "Tape One," which I can listen to from start to finish. Whether you're listening to the record at home on some headphones or you're out on a friday night doing some house party hopping, the album will take you through a wave of various emotions.

The music is full of eclectic samples, tribal type drums and layers of vocals on top of more vocals. The music production on the album is kind of lo-fi but with some great hard hitting emotions that put you in a trance. 

The first song that got me into this great trio was "Sister" which reminded me very much of TV on the Radio... That is a bold statement on my part as I love TV on the Radio. I will attach the music video for "Sister" below so all of you can enjoy the same music that brought me to really love these guys. 

Look forward to their upcoming album "Tape Two."