Check Your Mix

It's important to understand exactly what it is you are doing, when you are mixing.

In this tutorial, I discuss the importance of checking your work. In many cases, we can spend countless hours mixing a song, and begin to lose focus, and objectivity. As a result, we may end up doing more harm, than good.

Here is a great way to check whether your mixing has improved, or worsened, the quality of your audio.

For this tutorial, you will need the following;

- Ears... Seriously important.

- Your choice of DAW. I'm currently using Pro Tools, but all of this can be applied to any other DAW.

- An audio file you would like to mix.

- A plugin that trims level. i.e. Time Adjuster in Pro Tools trims level.

- An RMS metering plugin, or a plugin that has the option for RMS metering. (Ideally, a perception meter would be best, but I don't know of one that is free.)

HOFA Plugins offer a free bundle that includes a metering plugin. Here's a link to that free bundle

Have any questions about this video or maybe you want me to make a tutorial video for something else? Well, leave a comment below and I'll do my best to respond!

I hope you enjoy this video! Until next time, happy mixing!